Blackwork Heart [WIP]

I think a lot of detail is lost when using 2 strands

SAL progress (or not)

I decided that one of my colours was too pale and it needs frogging. Because of the ‘back and forth’ roaming nature of blackwork it’s a right pain.

I need to finish one square, frog and redo a square, possibly rethink the colours I was going use on this row, then definitely rethink the colour for the next row. It was meant to be yellow but that won’t show up. It’s also writing and I have to think of a phrase and map it out.

All of this means that I’ve lost motivation for the time being. I think I’m now 6 weeks behind but that’s ok because I was 4 weeks behind when I started.

BUT I’ve still got the stitching bug so I started Peppermint Purple’s free blackwork heart. I’m using colours to match other stuff in the room it’s going in. I’m doing it in 2 strands which is a lot messier looking than 1 stand but I think the pastel colours wouldn’t show up very well in 1 stand. I’m not particularly happy with it so far and I might do another one.

Some recent FOs I haven’t shared

From 2012
I couldn’t find a school bag I liked so I made one. 2019
Handkerchiefs for the toddler made from scraps
From 2019

Current WIP

So we’re officially on lockdown in the UK, which means a lot of people have some extra time to get on with projects. Not me! I’ve still got 2 kids to look after so I won’t be going any faster.

Anyway! I’ve been following the 52 week stitch-a-long from Peppermint Purple (you can find it on Facebook). I think we’re on week 12 now but you can start at any time! I thought I could manage a 1″ square block a week but I’m still usually behind! Anyway, here’s my progress so far. I’m not using the recommended colours.

New FO!

Snowman 2.jpg

Started this in November. We moved house (twice) in September/October and I decided that getting all my threads out would be a bad idea! The first month in our new house was so crazy (whole place needs an overhaul) that I couldn’t get it out then.

As a result it wasn’t finished for christmas, it was finished and framed for Feb 5th. Not too late? It’s now living with the previous Snowman chart I did.

It’s stitched in DMC on 14-ct white aida, framed by me in a frame from ASDA! It’s not quite the right proportions but it’s really difficult to find a square frame above 3″. The pattern was in Cross Stitch Crazy issue 208.

House buying woes!!

The following is a rant! Sorry 🙂

Had an offer accepted in July on our first house. Sorted the mortgage out and just had to wait for the solicitors to do their thing. The house is empty and we’re renting so nice quick process. Or so you’d think. Start of September we are getting antsy since we have to move out by October, so I phone. Long story short, the conveyancer didn’t realise the mortgage docs were online and was sat waiting for them to turn up.
Two weeks ago I phone, and huzzah the contracts are finalised and are being sent out for us to sign! We just need to work out a completion date with the seller. Emailed her last Monday to check the date we picked was late enough  to get the paperwork done. No reply. Keep phoning. Phoning all week. Phoning all the number I have in the docs. We have to move out next week and still don’t don’t have a move-in date. Going to be homeless. Where is she? Why won’t anyone answer?

Finally got through to her supervisor today! She’s been on holiday. HOLIDAY. Which she failed to mention when she told me to get a completion date. So she’s off for a week and a half, and comes back the day before the completion date. Somehow I don’t think we’re completing this week. Better find somewhere to move the ENTIRE CONTENTS of my house into.

So, sorry for the rant but I needed to vent. Thanks.

Quick stitches – christmas tags!

I fancied doing some quick little stitches and my internet feeds are starting to fill up with christmas projects, so I thought I’d do some present tags for my niece and nephew. These took me about an evening each plus a bit of time putting the felt on. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really mind if they just get thrown in the bin after, I had fun making them!

20150903_161325 20150904_110430 20150904_113538

Quick project [FO]

Finished size ~8

Finished size ~8″x8″

I miscounted so it’s off centre… also made the trunk 10 stitches too long. I left just enough space for framing. Oops. However, the back is insanely neat! Very impressed.

I saw this and immediately had to stitch it. It’s on 14-ct so it’s a bit larger than I’d like, and it’s done with a mixture of DMC and Anchor which makes the colour really POP! All supplies are from my stash. It took me about 3 days and half a season of Pretty Little Liars!

Original pattern found on a brilliant website full of free patterns. This pattern can be found here. The only slight problem is that it’s in French…

WIP Wednesday!


I was feeling a bit frustrated because I didn’t think I’d made a whole lot of progress recently, and I was thnking about how long it’s going to take to finish this window… and all the beige and white filling I have to do… and there’s that whole other curtain…

But actually, looking at how much I have done in a week I’m quite impressed! It’s looking good! Posting on this blog lets me see my progress, and that’s brilliant!

WIP update – Summer window

Huzzah! I have completed a whole page!!

Well, really it’s more than a page but on that entire page there are no little gaps to fill or bits to finish. This chart is only 2 pages long (plus a 15-stitch high line across the bottom) So I’m pretty much half way to finishing! Ignoring the backstitch of course. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere!