House buying woes!!

The following is a rant! Sorry 🙂

Had an offer accepted in July on our first house. Sorted the mortgage out and just had to wait for the solicitors to do their thing. The house is empty and we’re renting so nice quick process. Or so you’d think. Start of September we are getting antsy since we have to move out by October, so I phone. Long story short, the conveyancer didn’t realise the mortgage docs were online and was sat waiting for them to turn up.
Two weeks ago I phone, and huzzah the contracts are finalised and are being sent out for us to sign! We just need to work out a completion date with the seller. Emailed her last Monday to check the date we picked was late enough  to get the paperwork done. No reply. Keep phoning. Phoning all week. Phoning all the number I have in the docs. We have to move out next week and still don’t don’t have a move-in date. Going to be homeless. Where is she? Why won’t anyone answer?

Finally got through to her supervisor today! She’s been on holiday. HOLIDAY. Which she failed to mention when she told me to get a completion date. So she’s off for a week and a half, and comes back the day before the completion date. Somehow I don’t think we’re completing this week. Better find somewhere to move the ENTIRE CONTENTS of my house into.

So, sorry for the rant but I needed to vent. Thanks.

A Note on Shower Design

After an hour of bleach-scrubbing my shower in a desperate attempt to make it look clean, a few things occurred to me.


In short, just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s good to live with. I’m in a rented flat, but I’m really going to think hard about my own bathroom when I get my own house.

How hard would it be to raise the back of that ledge a centimeter or two, to allow the water to drain? Or tile that third wall? Or put in a decent fan?