Quick stitches – christmas tags!

I fancied doing some quick little stitches and my internet feeds are starting to fill up with christmas projects, so I thought I’d do some present tags for my niece and nephew. These took me about an evening each plus a bit of time putting the felt on. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really mind if they just get thrown in the bin after, I had fun making them!

20150903_161325 20150904_110430 20150904_113538

Quick project [FO]

Finished size ~8

Finished size ~8″x8″

I miscounted so it’s off centre… also made the trunk 10 stitches too long. I left just enough space for framing. Oops. However, the back is insanely neat! Very impressed.

I saw this and immediately had to stitch it. It’s on 14-ct so it’s a bit larger than I’d like, and it’s done with a mixture of DMC and Anchor which makes the colour really POP! All supplies are from my stash. It took me about 3 days and half a season of Pretty Little Liars!

Original pattern found on a brilliant website full of free patterns. This pattern can be found here. The only slight problem is that it’s in French…

WIP Wednesday!


I was feeling a bit frustrated because I didn’t think I’d made a whole lot of progress recently, and I was thnking about how long it’s going to take to finish this window… and all the beige and white filling I have to do… and there’s that whole other curtain…

But actually, looking at how much I have done in a week I’m quite impressed! It’s looking good! Posting on this blog lets me see my progress, and that’s brilliant!

WIP update – Summer window

Huzzah! I have completed a whole page!!

Well, really it’s more than a page but on that entire page there are no little gaps to fill or bits to finish. This chart is only 2 pages long (plus a 15-stitch high line across the bottom) So I’m pretty much half way to finishing! Ignoring the backstitch of course. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere!


WIP update – ‘greenwork’ sampler


Sorry about the damp spot – there was a bit of washable pen staining I had to get out

20150728_102042 So the annoying this about this is that in good lighting (second) you can barely see the middle threads, and they have the best designs! In poor light (first) I think it’s better because the aida isn’t reflecting / making shadows. I will have to try this sort of thing again, maybe with reds and pinks? I’ve got six and a half squares to go so I will finish. It’s just a shame it didn’t work out so well.

WIP progress update – Summer window

Yay I finished the curtain!

Yay I finished the curtain!


So hours later and it doesn’t look like I’ve got much further! The main achievement is that I’ve finished the left-hand curtain! Phew. Took me ages! I’ve also started to add to the window ledge. I’m trying to move left to right here, but there’s a section at the very bottom (about 15 stitches high) that’s on a different page, so I will probably leave that for last. I also finished the flower at bottom; I like having a motif (?) to complete, it gives me a sense of achievement, rather than just doing endless shading all the time. However I realise that if I do all of the pictures and none of the shading I will be stuck with months of shading at the end. With this in mind I’m working on the top of the right-hand window but also the shading around the top of the window. Mixing it up might help keep me going.


So yesterday I found myself in the strange position of wanting to cross stitch… but not wanting to carry on with any projects. A quick browse of pinterest gave me just what I needed! A quick, small, summery stitch. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it!

For info, this is done in 2 strands on 14 count with unbranded thread. I’m trying to use up some bits I have lying around.

20150717_112314Also found my next mini project 🙂


Summer window – in progress

The reason this project is a bit all over the place is that I only had a quarter of the threads I needed when I started it, so I did what I could while I waited for my bank account to fill up a bit. Now I’ve got all the colours and I’ve just filled in some of the bits I missed.

I’m a bit stuck at the moment. Do I fill in the endless yellow curtain, or start something completely new? both ideas are unappealing. It doesn’t help that there’s so much random beige around the window. Sigh. This is where I end up starting a ‘mini-project’ and leaving the window for a year!! No, I’m moving house in October, and I want it finished by then. But sigh.

20150716 summer windowI’m saving the backstitching til then end!

Experimenting with chain stitch

These aren’t recent stitchings but I’ve just recently rediscovered them!

So I wanted to ‘draw’ an outline picture and after some googling I thought chain stitch looked the best to go for. I then tried to make something of this new found skill! At the time I was very into an anime series, Kanon! I think my aim was to make a full set, but they ended up hiding in my boxes of UFOs. They’re stitched with unbranded thread on a pair of old trousers 🙂 My big mistake (as I know now) is outlining in pencil. I have learnt from my mistake. If they look a bit tatty it’s because they’re been shoved at the bottom of a box for 2 years or so!


For Makoto I did her hair in 2 strands, and everything else in 1 strand, to mix up the texture a bit. I picked out the colour of her skirt and ribbons by filling them in.

20150716_092229Mai doesn’t have a lot in the way of colour, so instead of filling in I decided to draw her hair using blue thread (because she has blue hair, duh).

I never considered myself an artist so I’m actually quite proud of these. The hardest bit for me was drawing the outline of the figure in the first place!

Having learnt not to use pencil I bought a water soluble pen from Hobbycraft. This is brilliant – not just for outlining embroidery but it helps keep me from making mistakes in cross stitch patterns!

This is an old fashioned Winnie the Pooh on felt. I thought he turned out pretty well! Practice really does help you improve! Maybe I’ll find some orange felt and do Tigger?


Seasons windows – Winter

I used to have a subscription to World of Cross Stitching magazine, and there was a series of windows, themed around the different seasons (around issue 191). They’re designed by Susan Bates. As sson as I saw them I wanted to make them. I started about January I think, so I thought I’d do the winter window first so it should be finished by christmas.

Fast forward a couple of years… and it’s finally finished! I managed to get it done by this christmas. I think it needs a border in the frame but it’s already about 10″x12″. When I’ve done all 4 and I have a house of my own to put them in I’m going to get them all frames professionally anyway.

Winter window

This took me soo long but it’s my first big project. I’m starting summer next and hopefully it won’t take me as long!