I survived my primary placement…

and even got a very nice report (and a bit of a sniffle) to show for it!

By the end of the week I had managed to:

  • Spend time in every KS/age range in the school
  • Tick off everything on my essay sheet
  • Talk to everyone I had to talk to
  • Get copies of EVERYTHING
  • Give a lesson to year 5/6

So it was all go; very exciting and very informative. I have learnt a lot and it will take me a while to put my thoughts down in a coherent manner. The thing that will probably stick with me the most is the way the primary school uses Building Learning Power and integrates it into everything they do. When pupils were writing their end of unit creative story they were constantly looking at their plan from the lesson before but also looking at the targets they’d been set. I don’t know about you but at school we never read feedback let alone acted on it. The pupils were also using post-it notes to give feedback and ask questions to the teacher, and the teachers were consistent in their use of the rewards and sanctions schemes. Overall it was a brilliant and useful experience, and was a really great school to have to write a ‘personalised learning’ essay about.

Secondary school teachers could learn so much from spending a week in primary.

Now for two weeks in uni doing lectures then on the secondary school…