Airfix issues – an update

So if you remember I had some issues building my landy, where I didn’t have the correct parts! Well as it turned out the correct back piece was on the normal sprue, where the hard top back was on the crystal sprue. I took it apart where necessary and put the correct bits in for a soft top. Airfix sent me the replacement parts – for the model parts I already had. Anyway it all worked out for the best. I might build a scrap yard to put all these spare back doors in.

20150412 landy 120150412 landy 2 20150412_143646


20150412 together

Airfix issues!

So over the weekend my in-laws came to stay with us. We ended up in Hobbycraft and my FIL bought me a 1:76 land rover model to go with my two 101 forward control models! (He asked if I’d rather have a model or a bottle of wine – easy choice!)

On Sunday night after they’d gone home I eagerly opened the box and got to work! Ooh it comes with a trailer. Oh well since it’s late I’ll build the little trailer, because I can finish it tonight.

20150319_084948Very cute. So I get to work on the actual landy:

20150319_085000Looking good! Now here’s where the problem hits:

20150319_08512220150319_085112 Hmm the roof doesn’t fit with the back door! SO I go back to the instructions…

20150319_085030 20150319_085056

The roof looks like the soft top version to me, NOT the hard top version from the kit I was given! Even if I put clay in the corners it won’t help because the door doesn’t fit in between the sides of the roof! I had a bit of a closer look at the sprue and found an extra piece which doesn’t appear on the instructions for the model! I think it might be the back piece for the soft top, which on my kit comes on the crystal sprue.

So what do I do now? I could rip out the crystal back door and build it as if it were the soft top model, assuming that my extra piece is the soft-top tailgate? It’s a bit disappointing because the other 2 JB models I have done were perfect!

For info this is a 1:76 LWB Land Rover and trailer (hard top) – formerly JB models and now sold under Airfix.