So on Saturday we got Pokemon Black and White. Black for me, White for him. I have just lost the last 2 days entirely! Honestly, it’s an amazing game. I’ve only ever played Red version, and dabbled a bit on my brother’s Crystal. I never got into the last 3 versions since you had to catch magikarps and pidgeys, and all I wanted to do was to catch the new pokemon! Well in this version all my wishes came true!!! It’s a completely new game, with a new pokedex!! No more Pidgeys!!!! Game-play wise, it’s pretty identical to the origianl Red/Blue versions, with the best bits from the later stuff (like items and breeding) and the worst bits taken out (like bicycle gears and crazy evolution requirements).

Plus, when you defeat the Elite Four new regions open up and you get ‘outbreaks. In the new regions you can catch the pokemon from the older versions if you’re that way inclined. Win win!!!!

So if you’ll excuse me I think my DS has charged…