Quick stitches – christmas tags!

I fancied doing some quick little stitches and my internet feeds are starting to fill up with christmas projects, so I thought I’d do some present tags for my niece and nephew. These took me about an evening each plus a bit of time putting the felt on. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really mind if they just get thrown in the bin after, I had fun making them!

20150903_161325 20150904_110430 20150904_113538

Christmas cards!

I’ve been filling the time with quick christmas card designs. Most of these are from World of Cross Stitching magazine. I liked this because it didn’t take long to finish one, and I could do whatever colours I wanted. I know the red snowflake doesn’t seem very christmassy but it’s to go on a green card.

20150716_092307 20150716_092328

20150716_092321   20150716_09231220150716_09225620150716_092250

You can see where I drew gridlines on – these need washing. I found them whilst digging through boxes for something else. They still need mounting on cards! The city scape is Edinburgh, for a friend who has made his life there. Santa’s reindeer need finishing but urgh metallic thread!

New cushion!

I started this over the summer and managed to finish it off this weekend.


It will be an interchangeable cover along with my ‘summer’ one. I hope to do spring and autumn when I find good patterns!



It has a zip and a funky spotted back.

Nathan’s christmas stocking

We bought a cheap stocking each to fill up with mini-presents for christmas. The only problem was, what to do with that big blank pocket on the front? Well!

Christmas present tags

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been making stocking tags for the kids in the family. Here’s 2 of them, there’s a ‘J’ on the way too!


They’re really quick and easy, and give your present that extra special touch!