Halfway there!

As the last exam week of the SKE course gets well under way, I start thinking about next year. Will I be able to hack it? What should I do to prepare?

I also got thinking about the ups and downs of this year and the SKE course. Yes, we’ve had countless admin issues. Yes, there’s still work from 3 months ago we haven’t had back. I personally feel that the University wouldn’t be bothered if we all spontaneously combusted as long as we don’t get in the way of ‘proper’ students. At the end of the day though we’ve had fantastic lecturers and staff, and I’m happy to go back for the PGCE.

The SKE course is a rare find, but a fantastic opportunity and a nice route into teaching. They keep saying we’ll hit the ground running, and I can really see that we will. It’s been hard work but it’s all been worth it, and I’d better not slip over the summer.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who’s looking for a way into teaching.

I hope the PGCE students are nice…