More Pokemon?

So we’ve both pretty much completed Black and White to a reasonable level now… ie Elite 4 are done and we are both Champions of our respective regions!! Pokedexes are nearly full (and the national dex is coming along too!!).

So he got bored and ordered Diamond and Pearl! The idea was that they were the most recent, reasonably priced games. They’re for DS so they go straight in! First impressions are that it’s annoying in a lot of ways. I’m not too bothered about the Pidgeys and Magikarps, because it’s been a LOOONG time (well, 5/6 years) since I played Red. The pokedex is also integrated anyway since they’ve added evolutions and ‘prequels’ all over the shop. There’s also the beauty contests and 6(?) HMs.

Still, it’s fun to play and not much new to learn. Bulbapedia is extremely handy, since there’s crazy evolutions here. Stuff like having happiness in the day or at night… then there’s a pokemon which evolved into one of 2 things at random. It doesn’t feel like cheating since this is an awkward and older version, and we only check evolutions anyway.

So far, the gameplay is surprisingly non-linear. The next way to go is not always obvious, and not every single route is blocked off if you haven’t completed your next task!

It’s always more fun playing with someone else anyway…