SAL progress (or not)

I decided that one of my colours was too pale and it needs frogging. Because of the ‘back and forth’ roaming nature of blackwork it’s a right pain.

I need to finish one square, frog and redo a square, possibly rethink the colours I was going use on this row, then definitely rethink the colour for the next row. It was meant to be yellow but that won’t show up. It’s also writing and I have to think of a phrase and map it out.

All of this means that I’ve lost motivation for the time being. I think I’m now 6 weeks behind but that’s ok because I was 4 weeks behind when I started.

BUT I’ve still got the stitching bug so I started Peppermint Purple’s free blackwork heart. I’m using colours to match other stuff in the room it’s going in. I’m doing it in 2 strands which is a lot messier looking than 1 stand but I think the pastel colours wouldn’t show up very well in 1 stand. I’m not particularly happy with it so far and I might do another one.

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