WIP progress update – Summer window

Yay I finished the curtain!

Yay I finished the curtain!


So hours later and it doesn’t look like I’ve got much further! The main achievement is that I’ve finished the left-hand curtain! Phew. Took me ages! I’ve also started to add to the window ledge. I’m trying to move left to right here, but there’s a section at the very bottom (about 15 stitches high) that’s on a different page, so I will probably leave that for last. I also finished the flower at bottom; I like having a motif (?) to complete, it gives me a sense of achievement, rather than just doing endless shading all the time. However I realise that if I do all of the pictures and none of the shading I will be stuck with months of shading at the end. With this in mind I’m working on the top of the right-hand window but also the shading around the top of the window. Mixing it up might help keep me going.


2 Responses to WIP progress update – Summer window

  1. eadouglas says:

    Such pretty colours! Are you using DMC floss?

    • Yes, it’s mostly done in DMC (because it’s cheaper here than Anchor) but there’s the odd Anchor colour in there. It’s a bit annoying because the original design was stitched in Anchor and the colours don’t always match up properly so I have to keep tweaking it… but I picked DMC because I had half of the colours already!

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