Day Two

Rosalind Franklin

After a lecture titled, ‘Is Teaching a Profession?’ (Answer: Yes) I met my Supplementary Studies group. This is all the people on the PGCE who are specialising in physics. Out of 54 science ATs there are 14 in physics, which includes only 2 girls and only 2 people who weren’t on the SKE.

I know physics is male-dominated but I was a bit disappointed that there are only 2 girls training. I was also very surprised at how few new people we have, especially given the numbers of new people in chemistry and the huge amount of people doing biology.

I’m so glad I did the SKE now, and I feel sorry for the new guys. They will probably find themselves behind on their basic physics knowledge and teaching experience, and they also have to work their way into a group of 12 who have already been together for a year. Of course I could be wrong, they could be super-genius’ who’ve spent every summer running science camps for kids. If I was in their situation though it would be so much harder for me than it is now I’ve done the SKE.

Now I just need to start on the assignments I’ve already been given.,r:3,s:0,i:148


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