I survived my first day!

The first day of my PGCE felt like the biggest hurdle of the the whole course. Would the SKE group talk to me? Would the new people talk to me? Would I find the right lecture room? Would all the new people have PhDs and seem infinitely cleverer than us, whilst having taught for so long that QTS was just a formality?

Turns out everyone felt exactly the same way.

Even the brave, bold and boisterous SKE members went into automatic huddle-with-people-you-know mode. The only edge anybody had was that some of us already knew the campus and where everything was.

We had some intro lectures then split into tutor groups (which seemed mostly based on geographical location) and got a bit of admin/ice-breaking done. After an ingenious display of name learning from our tutor I think I can remember everyone’s names, but we’ll see tomorrow!

We’ve received our first assignment, and have two university weeks before a primary placement. For now I’m going to have a cup of tea and copy important dates into my diary. Tomorrow we start science lessons!

Plus, I’m now an Associate Teacher. Awesome!


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