List of Learning

So much to learn!

On Tuesday I FINALLY finished my OU maths course (YAY!). All that means is that now I can start on my university reading list in earnest (yay?).

Basically, the reading list has 4 sections:
1. ‘Reading on the philosophy and nature of science.’ This seems to consist of wide-audience books including Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’

2. ‘The challenge of science education.’ Including how to teach science, and the problems this involves.

3. ‘The role of practical work in science.’

4. ‘Enhancing your own scientific background.’


This last section is quite a biggy! It recommends getting a hard copy of the national curriculum and GCSE and A-Level specifications for at least one exam board. It then recommends reading one GCSE text book in each of physics, biology, chemistry and geology. Then there’s at least 2 A-Level text books (biology and physics for me), and a degree level text book in your subject specialism (biology and physics for me again!).


Although I’m glad to have things to do, and I appreciate how useful it is to know things in advance, I do wonder what they’re going to teach me during my SKE year.


One Response to List of Learning

  1. ljshaffer says:

    Best of luck to you with your science teacher training! We need more science and maths teachers.

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