My first taste of teaching

Today I spent the day at my local high school. They are really big on teacher training and development, and put on a day for prospective teachers to try out and find out more about teaching.

We were a diverse bunch, with all ages, men and women. Some were already training, including TeachFirst and PGCE students. Two of us start our PGCEs in September. There was a university lecturer looking to swap into high school teaching, and a couple of university students already looking into future careers. We all came out of the full spectrum of subjects, from French to English to Earth Sciences. It was a great opportunity to chat to those who were already on the path, and a few RQTs (recently qualified teacher) popped in to help out too! It’s great talking to them and seeing that they’ve made it! They still love teaching and have good advice on how to get through your PGCE year!

We looked at what makes a good teacher, looking back to that teacher who made you want to go to lessons. The same words kept popping up – passion, energy, approachability, interest, availability. The best teachers seemed to be super-men and women, always there and always into it. Obviously some teachers manage this though!

We looked at what made a good lesson, then planed a short excercise (5-10 mins) to teach a group of students our subject. I was in a group of 3 and actual, qualified, proper teachers helped us out. Presenting to kids was terrifying! I’d wanted to give it a shot since my observation week, but when it came down to it I was a bit worried! I needn’t have been! The kids were lovely (part of a student voice team) and actually really enjoyed our mini-lesson.

I’ve learnt that to get your students to love your subject YOU need to love your subject. I think I need to act more confidently and realise that I am the teacher and they are the students.

It really was a fantastic opportunity though, I thoroughly enjoyed it and you should see if any of your local schools do anything like this!

In the words of one wise RQT –

worrying is a waste of energy


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