A New Project is Completed!

We visited my other half’s parents over the weekend. His mum’s an AVID cross-stitcher, and has a cupboard FULL of magazines!! She very kindly gave me free reign to take as many home as I wanted! I’d have taken the lot but between politeness and only having one rucksack I only brought back 10 or so.

My nephew is 6 and really into Toy Story. One of the magazines had this cute Woody pattern. I might make it into his birthday card, which is September, hahaha. Anyway, I didn’t have ‘peach’ thread, so I used my usual SNES sprite skin tone. I think he looks more like Woodrico than Woody… but maybe that’s in keeping with Cinco de Mayo?

In other news, I learnt to knit yesterday! It’s a lot easier than it looked, once you get your hands working together! Who would have imagined that my 21 year old friend can knit, and has a full knitting kit! Now I’m on the hunt for cheap needles and wool…. Guess what everyone’s getting for christmas?

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