Open University woes

So it’s been a week since I registered for the Open University course. Registering itself too much time and hassle on their website and 2 phone calls.


Anyway, it’s been a week and I still don’t have my confirmation email. They said to call if I hadn’t had it in 7 days, and it’s been 5 working days but since they took the money out on Tuesday I figure I should have it.

So I ring up and go through 3 number pressing menus. The lady asks for my number, name and address. Except the address they have on file isn’t my current address. Where were they gonna send my materials to?? So we get my address changed fine and dandy.

Turns out the reason I haven’t had the email is because the last woman spelt it wrong. Well, my email address is my name, and so begins ‘S’ for Sarah, right? Now, the woman who wrote my email address in knows my full name, and yet couldn’t decide whether I’d said ‘s’ or ‘f’. Now ok, maybe she’s not on the ball and didn’t twig that it was my name. But she didn’t ask me “sierra, or foxtrot?”, nope. She didn’t even guess. She put BOTH. Both?! Bah. No wonder I didn’t get the bleeding email!

Ah well, it should be sorted now, and I should get a new email resent in a few days. How long does it take to send an email anyway?


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