For the past however many months I’ve been floating around trying to figure out what to do with my life. Since finishing uni I haven’t really picked a direction to go in, and haven’t put my energy into anything specific.

Well ta-da!

I have a direction now! I’m going to be… a physics teacher!

It’s a bit strange since my degree is in biology. So I have a path now and it’s quite invigorating! I have lots of stuff to do to work towards my course, which starts in September. I’m starting a maths booster course in a month or so, which is organised and I’m just waiting for confirmation! I’ve got most of my paperwork sorted, and I’m just waiting for a photo to arrive so I can send them back.I also have somewhere to live, somewhere to move to. It’s a relief!

There’s a couple of blocks on the road still. I need the maths course confirmation, and I need to get observation experience in a school. It’s the 2 week easter holidays at the moment so I have to wait a while before I’ll hear anything, but I have a contingency plan so it should be ok! I have until the end of June, so I’ll have a month and a half to fit my 2 weeks in.

The other problem is regarding my boyfriend. I really don’t want to live apart next year but it looks as if we might have to…

I’m currently revising my sciences, and hope to have roughly gone over everything ks3 to A Level by the time my maths course starts. When that starts I’ll knuckle down with my reading list and properly revise everything for September.

I’m also considering doing a level 3 teaching assistant course. It wouldn’t finish til the summer holidays but I’m hoping that it will give me even more opportunities in the future.

My brother is having a baby girl (well not him specifically but you know what I mean). She should be born in August! Exciting times!

My other plan is to get fit and try going back for a couple of sessions of Jitsu when it starts up next term! We’ll see how this goal goes…




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