Home-made vegetable stock

I’ve been getting into soup recently. It’s a tasty lunch and according to some studies can be a great weight loss tool.*

To this end I’ve been looking into making home-made soups, and a good way to start this off appears to be vegetable stock and what better than to make your own? I collected scraps of veg. over about a week or so, just to try it out. I kept them in the freezer. I ended up with a few carrot ends and peelings, parsnip ends, a brocolli stalk, bits of garlic, onions and leek. It was all bits that usually get thrown away. I put the veg. in a saucepan and covered with cold water, some pepper and herbs (parsley, thyme and paprika). I then boiled it for an hour or so.

At the end of the hour I strained the stock through a sieve, squeezing juices out of the veg. The stock tasted alright, but not very strong. I think it will make a good base for a vegetable soup since I’ll add vegetables and herbs anyway.

I’ll let you know how the soup turns out!

*Hunger signals are sent to the brain when the stomach shrinks. Apparently when the water is blended in with the solids as soup the water is less easily absorbed by the body, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. I tend to get really hungry not long after lunch and don’t have anything to snack on. I want to try this out to see if it stops me wanting to graze.

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