My Sewing Projects #3 – Photo Album

After the ‘success’ of the tea cosy I was up for another project. I noticed that I had loads of photos lying around, and no money with which to buy a photo album. Voilà, a new project was born! Why don’t I make my own photo album?

I decided on A4 since you can always find A4 card etc. I wanted a photo album that could be added to as the year went on, so I needed to be able to add pages when I needed to.

I took 2 of the pieces of card you get at the back of paper refill pads to use as the front and back covers. I emroidered onto a black piece of fabirc then  made a cover by adding red to the other side. I inserted one piece or cardboard with some wadding on the outward-facing side. I punched holes in the card, cover and photo sheets (A4 cream card), and threaded 2 ribbons through to hold everything together whilst being undoable to add more sheets. The back cover was essentially the same as the front cover.


The images I chose to embroider represented events that happened during the year!

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