Post a Day: How do you stay entertained?

Today’s Topic: How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

We don’t get snowed in where I live, in the UK Midlands. In fact when it snows here it’s an excuse for us to go out and play! Snowmen, snowball fights, drawing faces, snow angels! Everything looks so white and lovely. A couple of weeks ago we had reasonably bad snowfall for the area, so of course we went out to the shops to get some milk. Did we need milk? Probably not that desperately. All the roads were covered and even the cars didn’t melt the snow, and it was so quiet on our usually busy road. Unfortunately the snow was too powdery to make snowmen, but we had fun anyway until the snow got too rough and we headed back indoors.

We spent the rest of the day wrapped up by the fire watching TV.


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